Mirrored Geometry

Witchoria (aka. Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer) created a series of photographs which blends geometric shapes into natural landscapes to produce fragmented reflections within each image. The lines between reality and fiction are blurred as the elements start to blend into each other.

geometric-reflections-of-natural-landscapes_5 geometric-reflections-of-natural-landscapes_7 geometric-reflections-of-natural-landscapes_9 geometric-reflections-of-natural-landscapes_11 geometric-reflections-of-natural-landscapes_12 geometric-reflections-of-natural-landscapes_15 geometric-reflections-of-natural-landscapes_16 geometric-reflections-of-natural-landscapes_17

A beauty that is created based on nature and the constructs of photo manipulation and one’s own imagination.

Don’t know about you…but this series of photos is triggering my need to travel and explore the world. I guess it doesn’t take much.

Via Art Republik

The Art of Death

Is it morbid to thoroughly enjoy looking at de(re)constructed skulls in all shapes and sizes? I guess not, beauty comes in all forms.

Ali Gulec from İkiiki created a series of amazing skull illustrations, each one composed of experiments combining different items to form the ubiquitous symbol of death adding another level of complexity from the last. They are created using digital and traditional collage, painting, and/or photography.

ali-gulec-09 ali-gulec-15 ali-gulec-19 ali-gulec-20 ali-gulec-21 floral-skull__700 gardening__700 Lace-Skull__700

“Although I illustrate many subjects with a little touch of humor, skulls are my most known and appreciated ones. I believe people like my skulls because the contradictions such as life and death are much more obvious and visible in these pieces. Also, I have observed through the years that, people are excited to see something resembling death doesn’t need to be scary and can be appealing for any person.”

via Bored Panda

Blur of Lights & Colour

I do enjoy living Shanghai. Well, for the most part at least…

Just the other week, I tried to catch a taxi on a Friday night (quite a feat) – finally flagged one down and an elderly lady rushed ahead of me. I politely told her that I was actually standing there first, and she looked at me and yelled “but I have children!” and proceeded to slam the door in my face. Just note that her children were not there at that point and had absolutely no relevance to the situation. However, things like that do add some layers of amusement to your life – I could write a book about the things that happen over here.

Anyway, back to my love for the city with it’s bright colours and neverending bustle. Japanese photographer Sasaki Makoto managed captured the city of Shanghai in a unique and energetic way in his series Shanghai Layers.


Using long exposures, Makoto photographs flickers of illumination over dozens of seconds, which produce a brilliantly glowing urban landscape.





“My aim is to get to feel the city’s personality from the brilliance and color of the light of the time stacked in the city of Shanghai. I hope that we get a feel of the fact that we are living in passage of time and also that individual life, city and society are formed by accumulation of time from an unusual viewpoint.” – Makoto

via Faith is Torment

A Cocktail in Your Pocket

This is a 100% appropriate post for a Friday evening. It is about cocktails, convenience and awesome vintage design – is it ticking all the boxes for you?

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Cody Petts created handy kits for classic beverages such as the Old Fashioned and Daiquiri that fit right into your pocket. They each contain the necessary ingredients to prepare the beverage and a little recipe card.

download1 3 8 download (1)

“Our vision for this project was to merge together two styles of vintage & modern to create a new/fresh design with callouts to rustic design heritage and old-fashioned techniques. The kits themselves are pocket-sized and can be transported anywhere. They include two main ingredients alongside a recipe instruction card and a muddler spoon. Just add your own favorite spirit and enjoy.”

download (2) 6

Are they as good as a cocktail at the bar? No, I think not. But who cares…you can now say you have a cocktail in your pocket.

Happy Friday!

Order them here, via The Dieline