Quintuple Colouration

Although my wardrobe consists of every shade of black, my eyes seem to hover every time I see a burst of colour in a brand’s identity.

Here’s some letterpress goodness from Don’t Try Studio.


“Though they are 5-color letterpressed, white-foiled, and triplexed, Designer Quentin Monge’s playful, self-promotional business cards still don’t appear to be trying too hard.” — KELLY CREE

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Adding Fun through Colours

Being the first day back from our week-long public holiday (I love China!), we definitely needed some colour in our day.

…and I certainly found it when I came across the rebranding of London-based design agency Dalziel&Pow. Their logo was first created 15 years ago and it was finally time for a fresh new look, so they made it all about bright colours, patterns, and expressive brushstrokes.

dalziel-pow-rebrand-01-800x445 dalziel-pow-rebrand-2-800x445 dalziel-pow-rebrand-3-800x444 dalziel-pow-rebrand-4-800x444 dalziel-pow-rebrand-5-800x445 dalziel-pow-rebrand-6-800x445

It’s always (ironically) stressful for a design agency to rebrand themselves. I can relate from experience.

In this case, it worked out well and is looking good! I like it plenty.

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Triangular Entertainment

Triangles are synonymous with Toblerone when it comes to confectionery. Using the knowledge of this iconic shape, Artistic director Maxime Damo and copywriter Gilles André created a series of four prints using the headline “the main piece of your films”.

Can you guess which movies these posters are portraying?


toblerone-3-900x1273  toblerone-5-900x1273


[Answers in white, highlight for a sneak peek] – Titanic, Taxi Driver, Jaws & Superman.

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A Small Refreshment

“It’s the little things in life that make us happy.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 8.27.03 PM

Coca-Cola seems to have stolen my life motto! Okay fine, it’s hardly a line that I can claim credit for and this new campaign is seriously adorable. Miniatures seem to be quite the trend these days.

These mini kiosks were placed in five major German cities:


They had little vending machines to go along with their kiosks and sold mini cans of Coke amongst various other miniature products.



Each kiosk sold ~380 mini cans per day, a 278% increase from the typical Coke vending machine. Well done Ogilvy – they seem to be doing a brilliant job with Coca-Cola especially in recent times!

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Best Kind of Selfie

Selfies are everywhere. After a while, you just learn to block them out and scroll past them extra quickly whenever you’re checking your Instagram feed.

However, animal selfies? Now that’s a different story.

Brazilian stock photo agency Diomedia needed a creative campaign to debut the National Geographic Collection and what they came up with was good fun and definitely attention-grabbing.

National Geographic Collection-1 National Geographic Collection-2 National Geographic Collection-3 National Geographic Collection-4 National Geographic Collection-5

Now those are some that you don’t mind spotting on social media. The print ads are also joined by an Instagram campaign through Diomedia’s account which you can follow if you want to see more of this animal vanity!

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Flower Petal Explosions

Was just talking about how advertising has reached yet another level after seeing a group of people mix & drink Robinsons juices in zero gravity with the help of Framestore, the Oscar winning VFX team behind Gravity – check it out.

Then I saw this…

8 million vibrantly-coloured flower petals erupted through a small village in Costa Rica just the other day. Need further evidence?

No, it’s not some dream or the work of some crazy photoshopper with mad skills. All the billowing waves of petals are real and took the creative team more than two weeks to collect the 3.5 tons of lush, vibrant botanic life. The petals were then blown and exploded throughout the island landscape, whirled through the prismatic suburban streets, blasted out from a neighboring volcano, and blanketed on a pathway where a young skateboarder drifts past.

All this was a part of SONY’s advertisement campaign for their new 4K Ultra HD line of TV sets, to symbolise the number of pixels on the screen (8 million FYI) with it’s sharp display and colour capabilities.

Some visual effects were added, but director Jaron Albertin assures us that as much of the video as possible is real. The explosion of colour was commissioned by the McCann, and shot by photographer Nick Meek.

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