About me.

I’m Shermaine, an Australian currently living in Shanghai. Like how a
magpie is drawn to anything that glistens, I have a strange attraction
to all things wonderful and collect them bit by bit. This blog is my
nest: a combination of art, design, photography, words, and a whole
bunch of other bright and shiny things.

I love writing about absolutely everything and am completely paper-
obsessed – one of my life goals is to bring hand-written notes &
cards back into style. Other loves include travelling, haute couture,
art galleries, leather, typography, good reads, musical theatre,
photography, concrete houses, and last but definitely not least…
ice cream.

The Paper Project: It all starts from a blank canvas. Each week, I will create something new on an A5 piece of paper – both original and inspired from things I have seen over the years. Draw, paint, cut, paste, collage, write, tear, sketch, create…the possibilities are endless.

Would be happy to hear from you, feel free to drop me a note at

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