Drawing Connections

1. a graphic representation by lines of an object or idea (i.e. drawing a dog)
2. to deduce; infer (i.e. drawing a conclusion).

Okay, a pun is clearly ineffective if it requires explanation. That’s why I’m leaving the task to expert-punner Jaco Haasbroek, a freelance illustrator and designer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I love this series titled “Food, Object or Animal”, created using acrylic and ink. They’re so clever and made my giggle on the inside.

This truly needs no further explanation, you just have to see them…


 photo 203150_10_800_zpsgr3tmffz.jpeg

 photo 203150_9_800_zpswr2cbwuv.jpeg

 photo 203150_8_800_zps4n68wlyx.jpeg

 photo 203150_3_800_zps7ksb5qeo.jpeg

 photo 203150_5_800_zpsrgsvo2os.jpeg

 photo 203150_7_800_zpscvqhiqqh.jpeg

 photo 203150_6_800_zps0us3lg5u.jpeg

 photo 203150_2_800_zps3pennuht.jpeg

 photo 203150_4_800_zpsoe6bsvfz.jpeg

Which one’s your favourite?

via TrendHunter

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