The Art of Death

Is it morbid to thoroughly enjoy looking at de(re)constructed skulls in all shapes and sizes? I guess not, beauty comes in all forms.

Ali Gulec from İkiiki created a series of amazing skull illustrations, each one composed of experiments combining different items to form the ubiquitous symbol of death adding another level of complexity from the last. They are created using digital and traditional collage, painting, and/or photography.

ali-gulec-09 ali-gulec-15 ali-gulec-19 ali-gulec-20 ali-gulec-21 floral-skull__700 gardening__700 Lace-Skull__700

“Although I illustrate many subjects with a little touch of humor, skulls are my most known and appreciated ones. I believe people like my skulls because the contradictions such as life and death are much more obvious and visible in these pieces. Also, I have observed through the years that, people are excited to see something resembling death doesn’t need to be scary and can be appealing for any person.”

via Bored Panda

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