A Cocktail in Your Pocket

This is a 100% appropriate post for a Friday evening. It is about cocktails, convenience and awesome vintage design – is it ticking all the boxes for you?

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Cody Petts created handy kits for classic beverages such as the Old Fashioned and Daiquiri that fit right into your pocket. They each contain the necessary ingredients to prepare the beverage and a little recipe card.

download1 3 8 download (1)

“Our vision for this project was to merge together two styles of vintage & modern to create a new/fresh design with callouts to rustic design heritage and old-fashioned techniques. The kits themselves are pocket-sized and can be transported anywhere. They include two main ingredients alongside a recipe instruction card and a muddler spoon. Just add your own favorite spirit and enjoy.”

download (2) 6

Are they as good as a cocktail at the bar? No, I think not. But who cares…you can now say you have a cocktail in your pocket.

Happy Friday!

Order them here, via The Dieline

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