Adding Fun through Colours

Being the first day back from our week-long public holiday (I love China!), we definitely needed some colour in our day.

…and I certainly found it when I came across the rebranding of London-based design agency Dalziel&Pow. Their logo was first created 15 years ago and it was finally time for a fresh new look, so they made it all about bright colours, patterns, and expressive brushstrokes.

dalziel-pow-rebrand-01-800x445 dalziel-pow-rebrand-2-800x445 dalziel-pow-rebrand-3-800x444 dalziel-pow-rebrand-4-800x444 dalziel-pow-rebrand-5-800x445 dalziel-pow-rebrand-6-800x445

It’s always (ironically) stressful for a design agency to rebrand themselves. I can relate from experience.

In this case, it worked out well and is looking good! I like it plenty.

Via It’s Nice That

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