Trash, Debris & Rubbish

Philip Karlberg is a Swedish still life photographer who often finds his inspiration in nature.

Karlberg collects trash whenever he can and attempts to clean up even the most remote of places. This sparked the inspiration for this new series titled “Debris”, where he stylistically put together his finds and shot these still lifes in his studio.


“His photos are characterized by a pristine, near-perfect quality that nevertheless retains a suggestive secrecy. Philip Karlberg’s visual ingenuity transforms a still life into a mystery, riddled with visual clues. His pictures often display a sheen of luxury combined with strong emotions, tense moods, and a visceral feeling of presence. The images entice the viewer to pause and search for the story hidden within.”



There’s something about them that keeps you looking. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

via Trendland & His Website

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