Fruit Rainbows

Okay, who of you knew that bananas could ever look like this?








I am a fan of the banana (no sexual innuendo intended) and have one for breakfast each day – and even I had not seen it in its full potential.

Romanian artist Dan Cretu takes the ripe fruit and carves patterns through its skin, the paints them to give each one its one unique character and personality. Through this process, he transforms a normal everyday food item into pieces of art resembling pop art icons of modern fashion culture.

The next time you’re looking for a new blank canvas, take a look around you before making a trip to the nearest art supply store.

Via Design Faves.

2 thoughts on “Fruit Rainbows

  1. Love this!! I eat about three bananas a day, though never any so beautiful as these. I wonder if he eats them after he’s photographed them? Haha. Thanks for sharing this.

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