Hugs for All

It’s always hard to come back to the office after 9 days of holidaying and sunshine. But then again, who am I to complain…who even gets week-long public holidays besides China? All say hoorah to Chinese New Year.

I am now a very dark shade of brown; much healthier than pasty yellow though I must say! Winter doesn’t do wonders for one’s skin.

Anyway, to the fun stuff…Someone told me about an illustrator that I might like. And they were right. His Instagram feed brought me much amusement. This is him:


“CHRISTOPHER DAVID RYAN (CDR) makes art constantly, sometimes quite literally covering the walls with the narrative of his hyperactive imagination. His characters embrace, they reach out to one another, and they reflect the small truths of daily life; sometimes with irony but never with sarcasm. A cosmic enthusiast and deep thinker, Ryan literally tries to make the world better through art — promoting peace & love in vibrant color and without self-censure.” via his website.

CDR - Valentine's Day  CDR - 6

CDR - 5

CDR - 4

CDR - 2CDR - 3  CDR - 1

CDR - 8

Tag your photo with #cdrbighug and you might get a chance to be hugged by one of his quirky characters. They seem to get around…just the other day I saw one hugging Beyonce and Jay-Z.


CDR - 7

Do it and let me know if you do get a hug!

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