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There have been great things coming out of Australia these days – admittedly, I get a little flutter of excitement whenever I see that something’s from Australia. Call it pride or perhaps surprise, I’m not sure which. Being so far away from the rest of the world with a relatively small population (Shanghai has the same population as the whole of Australia), we don’t normally have much news coming from our end of the world.

First, I spot a website by Mathew Carpenter that allows for you to send your enemies glitter. The site quickly went viral, with the website getting 1m hits & 270k social shares in 24 hours. He clearly has an inherent hate for glitter as he offered to sell the company a day after its launch – possibly backfired and found himself covered in glitter by packing all those envelopes.

 photo Picture17_zpsb550f6e5.png

 photo section-image-1_zps1eeea286.png

Next, I come across Australian label Cameo’s Grand National Campaign, a brand known for their experimental prints and flattering silhouettes. Alright I’ll admit that I never heard of the label till now, but the mixed media compositions and Australian native flora caught my eye. Brightly coloured kangaroo paws, bottle brushes and banksias – was half expecting to see a koala peeking in amongst them.

 photo cameo_grand-national_04_zpsc72d968d.png

 photo cameo_grand-national_02_zps142d5418.png

 photo cameo_grand-national_06_zpsa354092e.png

 photo cameo_grand-national_08_zps6b0232e9.png

 photo cameo_grand-national_09_zps89bbad8f.png

 photo cameo_grand-national_11_zps46f67ca9.png

 photo cameo_grand-national_03_zpsa730b812.png

Keep it up, Australia.

via The Artful Desperado.

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