Collab#1 by Now&Them

Where have the last two months disappeared to?

Collab#1 by Now&Them.

“What?” you say. Our communications agency Paper Stone Scissors started a platform called Now&Them, celebrating creativity in society.

We launched with an event called Collab#1 – an exhibition that encourages collaboration across multiple industries. Furniture Designer x Chocolate Factory, Graffiti Artist x Skull Collector, Electro DJ x Beijing Opera Singer, the list goes on and the possibilities are endless…

Being the main organiser of the event, every spare minute of each day was poured into the event. We gathered together 60 people from 19 countries and 20 professional occupations to come together in Shanghai and create a piece for Collab#1. They each expressed what “now” means to them and the results were amazing.

Here are some of the pieces:

 photo NowampThem_Tear_JosephLauampFrancisMakerpic2_zpsb2430331.jpg

 photo NowampThem_IndianSummer_ZinanLamampDaZhou_zpsa98873b4.jpg

 photo NowampThem_ContainerOfCollectiveMemories_BrandonTucsampTonySchonhardt_box_zpsc0784056.jpg

 photo NowampThem_Angels_VictorMajsnerampRobBurcke_zpsdbd4d532.jpg

 photo NowampThem_CanXiang_223LinZhipengampZhangYueran5_zps4307f93b.jpg

 photo a_zps0d210431.jpg

 photo NowampThem_Interpretations_YangTanampRobHan2_zps981963a3.jpg

 photo NowampThem_NewWorld_SuperNatureampXuGe_zps7d20a845.jpg

Held at The Gallery in Shanghai from December 6-12, we were hyped that it was such a success with over 400 people at the opening night and more than 80% of the pieces have been sold so far. All proceeds will go towards the I Care Project by Stepping Stones, providing essential eyecare to disadvantaged children in China.

 photo 120561485584-38_zps3abba2de.jpg

 photo a-51_zps5e9ea9fb.jpg

 photo 120561485584-46_zpsf1ac947f.jpg

 photo 120561485584-197_zps8be5e7e6.jpg

 photo 120561485584-142_zps2c9173a0.jpg

 photo 120561485584-233_zps17e7f052.jpg

 photo a-131_zps37c0d0cb.jpg

 photo a-129_zps49162ddf.jpg

The press has been brilliant so far and the response overwhelming. Follow us and check out more pictures on our Facebook & Instagram.

Support creativity, no matter which country or city you are from.
Join us and become One of Them.

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