Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Spring 2013

Have been having a week-long public holiday over here in Shanghai – yes, China has an absolutely blissful number of days off. For once, stayed at home and caught up on all the things you seem to put off with the excuse of “too much work” (one of which included starting to watch Breaking Bad which is extremely addictive). I’ve been doing plenty of reading and far too little blogging to say the least. So here I am, in an attempt to right that wrong.

Came across Ulyana Segeenko’s haute couture spring 2013 collection today and it brightened my morning. Firstly, because I had never heard of her previously and new discoveries always delight me. Secondly, her collection has just the right amount of drama and whimsey. Kind of Victorian and fairytale both at the same time.

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture3_zpsd4dc1734.jpeg

Photographed by Nick Sushkevich, enjoy the images from Segeenko’s lookbook featuring everything from playsuits to floor-length gowns.

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture6_zpsca7124fd.jpeg

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture5_zps999d7edb.jpeg

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture1_zpsabfdbbc9.jpeg

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture4_zpsf477a89f.jpeg

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture8_zps8a801972.jpeg

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture10_zpsd278d320.jpeg

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture7_zps6c246d06.jpeg

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture9_zpscf04c78b.jpeg

 photo UlyanaSergeenko13SSHauteCouture2_zps6a5a2a7a.jpeg

via Fashionising.

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