A Wrapped City

I have a love for paper, stationery, and all things related. A little while ago, encountered the dilemma of having to give a couple of friends some green tea Kit Kats from Japan and found out that I had nothing to wrap them with (big gasps). Found a roll of scrap paper and decided to make my own…

IMG_4578x 2

IMG_4584 2

Presents always look nicer wrapped – we all too often get lazy and gift people in paper bags these days. Just grab it from the shop, pop some tape across the top or a ribbon on the handle, and we’re good to go. Let’s change that.

Came across this wrapping paper yesterday and thought it was great – this clever paper makes your gifts look like apartment buildings!

High-Rise Wrapping Paper (1)
High-Rise Wrapping Paper (2)

High-Rise Wrapping Paper (3)

I’m just envisioning an entire block of them under a Christmas tree. A fresh Christmas tree, just because they smell amazing.

Perhaps we should all start stocking up on great paper finds before the festive season rolls around, and get started on wrapping all those presents.

via Gizmodo.

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