Print Lives On

We now live in a time where the moment there is a glimmer of uncertainty, we just “Google  it”. You’ve all had that situation when someone on the table says something completely absurd and you’re unsure whether to be impressed about their knowledge or say that they are wrong. In previous times, perhaps they were given the benefit of the doubt and we let it slide, but these days there’s always that one fact checker who whips out their phone and proves them right or wrong on the spot (I admit to be that rather annoying person most of the time).

Despite the rise of digital and new technologies, I still absolutely love print. The feel of a book in my hand or flipping through the pages of a magazine – quite different from the scrolling of the touchpad or touching of the iPad screen.

People of Print clearly feel the same and they act as a daily source of inspiration for creatives and share the work of the world’s most talented people who use the process of print in their work.

PRINT ISN’T DEAD is their first ever publication, dedicated to those who still work on paper and showcasing the creative use of print in all forms. The quarterly magazine hit shelves this month and has already been mentioned by the likes of magCulture, Eye Magazine, Cool Hunting, Itsnicethat, Paste Magazine and PSFK.


Picture 1

In a world that constantly claims that print is dying out, the PRINT ISN’T DEAD team finds many cases which show that this simply isn’t the case. The magazine does not only provide you inspiration and information with its interviews, features, and articles but also gives the reader the tangible, nostalgic feeling of flipping pages.




If you’d like to get your hands on this magazine, Volume 1 of PRINT ISN’T DEAD is available here for £10.

via PSFK.

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