Miniature Works

Istanbul-based Microartist, Hasan Kale, uses extreme precision and a steady hand to create a series of impossibly small paintings using everyday objects as his canvas. According to Kale, “things we usually see can turn into something invisible” – this thought inspired his new direction and his work calls attention to the things that we see yet often ignore in daily life. Anything from a butterfly wing to rice, nails, sugar and chocolate.

 photo microart-by-hasan-kale-tiniest-paintings-ever-6_zps6930ef2b.jpg

 photo microart-by-hasan-kale-tiniest-paintings-ever-5_zpse03675e5.jpg

 photo microart-by-hasan-kale-tiniest-paintings-ever-22_zps2ff97d3a.jpg

He hopes to open up new perspectives and windows through his work, and build up a new language within the art world. Kale has collaborated with numerous other well-known Turkish brands and jewellery designers in order to explore other areas of design.

 photo microart-by-hasan-kale-tiniest-paintings-ever-24_zpsf6367374.jpg

 photo microart-by-hasan-kale-tiniest-paintings-ever-26_zpsaa1bf094.jpg

 photo microart-by-hasan-kale-tiniest-paintings-ever-20_zps5c1a5342.jpg

 photo microart-by-hasan-kale-tiniest-paintings-ever-10_zps2dfab844.jpg

 photo microart-by-hasan-kale-tiniest-paintings-ever-8_zpsef8b0cd2.jpg

More of Kale’s amazingly detailed artwork can be seen via his Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.17.09 PM

via Twisted Sifter.

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