Big Data Smoothies

A drink full of big data and kale chips? Sounds delicious.

Josh Kline’s Skittles are not exactly the little pellets of chewy, sugary goodness that you throw into your mouth. The ones that taste like rainbows. Showcased within the Archeo outdoor art exhibition, Kline combines social activism with a sense of humour…


From far, these may look like ordinary juice bottles. But upon closer examination, they actually offer a rather accurate commentary on the pitfalls of human society and our constant fascination with technology.



Gone are the days where people used to walk into a meeting and request for a coffee. Just today, my client walked in with a chocolate protein shake in his translucent tumbler. He then placed his two phones on the table, together with his Macbook Air. The perfect example of our recent obsession with health, fitness and tech – not necessarily a bad thing though.

Just give me a notebook & chocolate bar and I’d be a happy girl.

via PSFK.

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