Depth in Folds

New York-based Brazilian artist Marcelo Daldoce likes to go beyond the conventional 2D landscape of paper and canvas, bringing life to a flat surface, and he certainly does this with his creative artwork.

In order to construct these optical illusions, Daldoces uses acrylic paint to create images on paper, then proceeds to fold it into different patterns and designs – giving his work a kick of originality.





” My work focuses on the terrain beyond the conventional two-dimensional landscape of paper and canvas. In bringing to life a flat surface, I strive to create a puzzle between what is real and what is illusion, what is painted and what is manipulated, turning paint to flesh, paper to sculpture. The figures surrounding the paper folds represent the old habits we have from our parents, experiences, traumas….. It is our duty to brake these patterns and become ourselves.” – Marcelo Daldoce


via Sweet Station

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