Porcelain Creations

Finding a little gem that hasn’t been yet been plastered across sites such as DesignTaxi or Colossal must be one of my favourite things ever. Reminds me of when you were a child sifting through sand on the beach and you spot that one perfect seashell.

Through some Instagram stalking, stumbled across Pilar Rojas, a
designer of porcelain objects and jewellery. Her photos are really lovely and her workshop is definitely one to be envied, so I just wanted to share…

Pilar Rojas_1

Pilar Rojas_17

Pilar Rojas_14

Pilar Rojas_13

Pilar Rojas_11

Pilar Rojas_10

Pilar Rojas_9

Pilar Rojas_6

Pilar Rojas_4

Pilar Rojas_3

From the looks of things, her online store will be up soon so keep your eye out for updates on this space, or give her a shoutout on her Instagram page.

Edit: Pilar created a lovely thank you note that made my day.

Picture 4

2 thoughts on “Porcelain Creations

  1. Thank you very much for sharing my images, this means a lot to me. I have a workshop at home in Melbourne. A month ago I started taking photos in the kitchen that feature the objects and jewels I make mixed with items I have around the place. I am very pleased and surprised with the response to the pics and to my work. Now encouraged by the demand, I am building up stocks to open an online shop soon.

    1. Only share the best! Especially nice to hear that you’re from Melbourne – coming from Australia and being thrown into some foreign land (although I’m loving Shanghai), it’s always nice to hear about pieces of home every now and then.

      Looking forward to seeing your online store, and be sure to keep me updated. All the best with it, and keep posting lovely photos.

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