photo surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-13_zps27c92813.jpg

Obsession of the day – photographs with a pinch of magic, dreams and surrealism. In a period of time where Photoshop skills run rampant, Ukraine-based photographer Oleg Oprisco’s work stands out from the crowd as they are not actually artificial digital manipulations. Say what?!

We have no idea how, but Oprisco carefully plans out each of these scenes and shoots them on his old-school film cameras ā€“ the Kiev 6C and Kiev 88 ā€“ so he doesn’t see any of his shots till they’re processed. He tries to create every element of his shots by himself and preparing for each shot takes two or three days to plan concepts, source props and costumes, scout locations, and figure out hair & makeup. Amazing.

 photo surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-24_zps12115280.jpg

 photo surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-20_zpsf02793be.jpg

 photo surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-19_zps019dc567.jpg

 photo surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-17_zps35fea693.jpg

 photo surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-8_zps06a5af20.jpg

 photo surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-9_zps1fcacaff.jpg

 photo surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-1_zpsb456389d.jpg

 photo surreal-photography-oleg-oprisco-0_zpsaf2d2045.jpg



via Peta Pixel

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