Dream Barn House

When one says barn house, my mind automatically goes to farm animals and red painted wood.

When I saw this house in Melbourne by Whiting Architects, it was clear that this is no longer the case these days. A perfect juxtaposition between the modern & contemporary look that seems to be all the rage these days, and the rustic wooden touches that add a whole bunch of personality to the design of the house.


 photo barn-house-melbourne-whiting-architects-6-600x896_zps5c0975b4.jpg

 photo barn-house-melbourne-whiting-architects-7-600x406_zpse825eeef.jpg

 photo barn-house-melbourne-whiting-architects-10-600x809_zps58c49407.jpg


 photo barn-house-melbourne-whiting-architects-9-600x809_zps50a90c88.jpg

 photo barn-house-melbourne-whiting-architects-1-600x809_zpsf2c59730.jpg

Amazing, this is definitely getting filed under the ‘dream houses’ folder.

via Studio Arc

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