Trick to Survival

Loving this idea – The Survival Kit. Canadian creative studio Phoenix has come up with a solution to deadline anxiousness, presentation panic, or worrying about an electricity cut in the office. (This might perhaps be due to the fact that I’m currently in a dark room with one solitary lamp on and the music blasting at 8:15pm, attempting to cross just one more thing off my to-do list at work.)

They’re available in three packages…

ONE: The Overtime. Inside you’ll find everything you need to overcome the task at hand; a stress ball, “do not disturb” badges, peanut butter energy bars, a guide of tricks to keep you calm.

the-survival-kit-overtime-1 the-survival-kit-overtime-2

TWO: The Presentation. With everything you need to look stylish and professional in front of your client, it contains bow ties, a laser pointer, deodorant, and a book about “the art of convincing”.

the-survival-kit-presentation-1 the-survival-kit-presentation-2

THREE: The Power Outage. With everything you need to pass the time, to keep warm and stay out of the dark, it contains stuff like a pair of wool socks to keep you warm, candles, a card deck, and a harmonica to add some life in the office whilst you wait for the power to come back.


The peanut butter energy bar sounds good and the deodorant might come in handy for some now that the summer months are coming up (if only people on public transport would take a hint)…but the favourite is definitely the harmonica. A perfect touch, which I’m sure will come in handy sooner or later!

All your sleep-starved people in the advertising industry, go get your hands on one of them. I’m sure that it will brighten your day.

via Bless This Stuff

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