Masked Beauty

“Dia de Los Muertos” was typed in my Google search bar for many days leading up to Halloween, and ideas swirled around…but nothing like this.

 photo epitaph-editorial-by-rankin-andrew-gallimore_zps7052c64a.jpeg

You may have heard of the Mexican Day of the Dead festival with their masks and way too much facepaint – Rankin and Hunger’s Beauty Editor-At-Large Andrew Gallimore used it as an inspiration to create this absolutely stunning beauty editorial. A fresh new take of Dia de Los Muertos with black paint, metallics, and bright pops of colour.

 photo epitaph-editorial-by-rankin-andrew-gallimore-1-600x781_zps4b30cd3c.jpeg

 photo epitaph-editorial-by-rankin-andrew-gallimore-5-600x766_zps174e9ded.jpeg

 photo epitaph-editorial-by-rankin-andrew-gallimore-6-600x766_zps362367b8.jpeg

 photo epitaph-editorial-by-rankin-andrew-gallimore-2-600x812_zps1ecf492a.jpeg

 photo epitaph-editorial-by-rankin-andrew-gallimore-4-600x766_zpse90bdb3e.jpeg

Strangely captivating.

via Trendland

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