Random Word Doodles

Sydney-based concept artist and illustrator Charles Santoso decided to start a project called Random Word Doodles to strengthen his brain muscles. What you can do is to give him a word via his Twitter feed, he picks one and does one of his adorable illustrations. Each one takes around 30 minutes to an hour and a half, done digitally via Photoshop.

 photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodlesbaseball_zps85a3721b.jpeg
 photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodleszombie_zpsea727e31.jpeg photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodlesshop_zps871e74be.jpeg
 photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodlessunburn_zps61068dce.jpeg
 photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodlesstorm_zps237031c5.jpeg
 photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodlesbread_zps24143f3c.jpeg
 photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodleskittens_zps0d122968.jpeg
 photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodlessneeze_zps93f2c514.jpeg
 photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodlesfleece_zpsb8de5e87.jpeg
 photo CharlesSantoso-DailyRandomWordDoodlesyarn_zpsb4e58acf.jpeg

Which is your favourite? I’m voting for ‘bread’.

via My Modern Met

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