Juice Up

It’s such a refreshing change to go into a place and see that every single corner has been branded properly. #designsnob you might say (accentuated by the cool hashtagging and all), but that’s what working in an agency for years does to you.

Roots & Bulbs does it exactly that – London’s first cold pressed juice bar – with the help of branding agency Robot Food. Juicing is the industry to be in these days with the health food craze and all things green. As you’ve seen on your Instagram feed. With stories of celebrity juice diets and widespread tales of the health benefits of juicing, there has been a 1000% increase in sales of juicers from 2012 to 2013.


Roots & Bulbs declares that “we’re different because we cold press”. Cold pressing is an artisanal technique, which preserves more nutrients for juices brimming with natural goodness and flavour. Juices are made fresh on site each day, and there are also superfood smoothies and wholesome organic meals available over there.

“Working closely with our architects, K-studio, Robot Food has created a unique branded experience. The design blends minimalism with natural materials and contemporary graphic elements for exactly the confident, uncontrived feel we were hoping for.”  – Sarah Cadji, Director at Roots & Bulbs.

via Lovely Package

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