Flower Petal Explosions

Was just talking about how advertising has reached yet another level after seeing a group of people mix & drink Robinsons juices in zero gravity with the help of Framestore, the Oscar winning VFX team behind Gravity – check it out.

Then I saw this…

8 million vibrantly-coloured flower petals erupted through a small village in Costa Rica just the other day. Need further evidence?

No, it’s not some dream or the work of some crazy photoshopper with mad skills. All the billowing waves of petals are real and took the creative team more than two weeks to collect the 3.5 tons of lush, vibrant botanic life. The petals were then blown and exploded throughout the island landscape, whirled through the prismatic suburban streets, blasted out from a neighboring volcano, and blanketed on a pathway where a young skateboarder drifts past.

All this was a part of SONY’s advertisement campaign for their new 4K Ultra HD line of TV sets, to symbolise the number of pixels on the screen (8 million FYI) with it’s sharp display and colour capabilities.

Some visual effects were added, but director Jaron Albertin assures us that as much of the video as possible is real. The explosion of colour was commissioned by the McCann, and shot by photographer Nick Meek.

via Design Boom

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