Gods of Digital, Daft Punk

Daft Punk is amazing. They made us wait eight years between albums, but a worthwhile wait it was once Random Access Memories was released. They were cool back even when EDM was not considered the best thing to play at a club – now you can’t avoid it even if you try.

The thing about Daft Punk…is that even if one guy decides to retire and do something else, we would never know. Daft Punk will literally have the ability to ‘live forever’. And oh, how we love those helmets.

 photo daft-punk-630_zps310e64c8.jpg

“I remember when I was a kid, I would watch Superman, and I was super into the feeling of knowing that Clark Kent is Superman and no one knows,” Bangalter says. “We always thought as we were shaping this thing that the fantasy was actually so much more exciting than the idea of being the most famous person in the world.”

 photo photosnbspdaft-punk-21_zps04506acb.jpg

 photo photosnbspdaft-punk-3_zps8bc79127.jpg

 photo photosnbspdaft-punk-4_zps580bf427.jpg

How do they pull off sequined tuxedos?

From GQ – “Since you’re probably wondering: They look not unlike a couple of guys in a rock band. Bangalter, 38, is tall, slightly rumpled, bearded, hair thinning, handsome in a cinema-studies-professor kind of way—he’s funny, good with eye contact, palpably eager to make himself understood. Today he’s wearing fashionable motorcycle boots, black jeans, an unstructured suit jacket, and a big drapey scarf, perfectly tied, framing a neat Daft Punk pyramid of bare chest. De Homem-Christo is one year older, and a lot shorter. He has long stringy metal-guy hair and weary pale eyes, and his black boots have gold spurs. Everyone calls him Guy-Man.” Check out the whole interview here.

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