Defying Gravity

No, not the great song from the even greater musical, Wicked. I’m referring to another act of science in this case.

Colarado-based land artist Michael Grab patiently stacks pieces of rocks in his free time to create a whole bunch of gravity-defying rock structures. Not exactly sure how he manages these, but his series “Gravity Glue” is quite the feat I’d say.

“If not observed carefully, one small rock can bring [it all] down.” – Michael Grab

 photo MichaelGrab-gravity-defyingrocksculptures10_zps715589f2.jpeg
 photo MichaelGrab-gravity-defyingrocksculptures4_zpsad162a8e.jpeg
 photo MichaelGrab-gravity-defyingrocksculptures1_zps00764ba9.jpeg
 photo MichaelGrab-gravity-defyingrocksculptures9_zps50062abc.jpeg
 photo MichaelGrab-gravity-defyingrocksculptures5_zps778efac5.jpeg

Apparently, ‘rock balancing’ is an art that has that has been practiced by many cultures around the world for centuries.

 photo MichaelGrab-gravity-defyingrocksculptures3_zps142cbbb2.jpeg

 photo MichaelGrab-gravity-defyingrocksculptures2_zps9e0c51b3.jpeg
 photo MichaelGrab-gravity-defyingrocksculptures6_zpsd1e5743b.jpeg
 photo MichaelGrab-gravity-defyingrocksculptures8_zpseea46bc7.jpeg

Patience and pure focus. Perhaps something you should pick up when you’re stressed, and in need of a therapeutic and meditative activity.

via Huffington Post

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