Sharing Bliss: Colour Your Walls

If you like monochromatic interiors and furnishings as much as I do, I believe that you’ll appreciate this recommendation. Melanie Mikecz, otherwise known as Two Ems, creates prints which would add a colourful pop to any wall, any room.

 photo TwoEms-SlantedAbstractArtPrint_zpse743be3d.jpeg

 photo TwoEms-RainRain_zps92a9a39a.jpeg

 photo TwoEms-HotAirBalloonRidePrint_zps1750539f.jpeg

 photo TwoEms-OntheGridAbstractArtPrint_zps0e7af9fe.jpeg

 photo TwoEms-CheckmarkCanvasArtPrint_zpsb64b7577.jpeg

 photo TwoEms-ProudPeacock_zpsae190b04.jpeg

 photo TwoEms-AbstractArchDesign_zpse34565aa.jpeg

 photo TwoEms-ModernAbstractPrint_zps9f82e50b.jpeg

 photo TwoEms-IHeartYou_zps72213e8e.jpeg

 photo TwoEms-FunkyDiamondsPrint_zps11421b49.jpeg


Melanie Mikecz likes to consider herself a designer slash starving artist. So that means she only starves half the time (Just kidding. she does eat). In addition to making art, she’s also a dog lover and a wannabe ballerina.

Melanie specialises in digital mixed media techniques which involve sketching, painting, drawing, scanning, Photoshopping, more painting, possibly some scribbling, more scanning, washing paint out of her hair, and then finally printing on her Epson printer.

Check it out.

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