Talking Food

Marion Luttenberger collaborated with a friend to create a series around ‘food, and a whole lot of love’. Have come across her works a number of times now, and she certainly does a good job experimenting with food. Aren’t we glad that she didn’t take her parents advice when they probably told her not to play with food during the younger years of her life?

 photo goodforks-project-by-marion-luttenberger-12_zps9db85e4e.jpeg photo goodforks-project-by-marion-luttenberger-1_zps64e98fab.jpeg photo goodforks-project-by-marion-luttenberger-11_zpsbff44695.jpeg photo goodforks-project-by-marion-luttenberger-3_zps960ed7fd.jpeg photo goodforks-project-by-marion-luttenberger-5_zps09d5a0e2.jpeg photo goodforks-project-by-marion-luttenberger-10_zpsbd4b46dc.jpeg photo goodforks-project-by-marion-luttenberger-4_zps772e4ccd.jpeg photo goodforks-project-by-marion-luttenberger-7_zpsa6ee0e48.jpeg photo goodforks-project-by-marion-luttenberger-9_zps10fc2467.jpeg

These pictures were taken for Goodforks, a Vancouver-based company who supports a new sustainable food system. She created this series of photos to illustrate the beauty of a healthy and happy food system and convey messages around statistics, community, structure and power.

To be completely honest, it was more the great concept and bright colours that attracted me on top of everything else though…

via Photogrist

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