Rick’s Whipped Fog Jubilee

We normally hear about the lives & scandals of our favourite celebrities and designers and quite honestly…it’s often not the most fascinating news. However, today I was given an insight to what one of them enjoys eating. Now, that’s something of interest.

‘Rick Owens’ and ‘Whipped Fog Jubilee’ are two things that I never thought would be put together in the same sentence, but now there seems to be reason to. Rick is one of my all-time favourite designers – I waited three years to find one of his leather jackets that I wanted and now that it’s sitting in my wardrobe, it’s as close to perfection as a jacket’s going to get.

via Haute World
via Haute World

Back to his favourite dish…the whipped fog jubilee. It’s not fattening at all as it really is mostly air, and he suggests to serve this dessert with fresh whipped cream with egg whites in an art nouveau bowl by George Hoentschel, floating on dry ice and sprinkled with sugar. Rick Owens also specifies the spoon you should eat with, a Josef Hoffman ’round model’, with Monserrat Caballé as a musical accompaniment.

Whipped Fog Jubilee_Rick Owen's Fav Dish

Damn, if he’s this detailed with food, wouldn’t you like to see his fashion sketchbook?

via Wallpaper

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