Tilting World

Design studio ‘XYZ Integrated Architecture’ from Georgia seems to have quite the thing for tilted axes and acute angles. They take this across to their series of furniture, which have been designed to tilt as if they are just about to collapse on one side.

I seem to find myself with my head a little to one side when looking at these images:

 photo GoneWithTheWind-TiltingFurniturebyXYZ_1_zps33f7f4f6.jpeg

 photo GoneWithTheWind-TiltingFurniturebyXYZ_6_zpsbb480442.jpeg

 photo GoneWithTheWind-TiltingFurniturebyXYZ_7_zps378ee68d.jpeg

 photo GoneWithTheWind-TiltingFurniturebyXYZ_3_zpsa632dba6.jpeg

 photo GoneWithTheWind-TiltingFurniturebyXYZ_2_zps4268617f.jpeg

These playful pieces explore the connection between tilting bodies, oblique light and their unique design. Would be great to have one of these in your home – a definite talking piece amongst the IKEA furniture that was all you could afford due to budget constraints. Add a couple of handmade ceramics and bright paintings here & there, and you’re all set.

via Yatzer

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