Sharing Bliss: Paper

Perhaps this post comes a little late as all the big holidays seem to be over. However, if you do need some cards or gift wrapping sometime in the near future, SUGAR PAPER is a brand that should come to mind. Their stuff is great, and will probably delight you as much as it would the receiver.

I am a little too really obsessed with papergoods, so browsing at their collections were pure bliss, an emotion also felt when sitting down with a tub of ice cream and a spoon.

Some bits & pieces…

 photo SugarPaper-you-re-awesome-card-990_zpsf7f94d97.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-the-rest-is-history-1507_zps686224f4.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-yay-card-986_zps09562bef.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-pretty-love-1498_zpsd749bc00.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-snips-snails-card-1031_zpsefabd7f2.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-one-happy-birthday-card-1225_zps27c36be9.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-holiday-cheer-card-1291_zps54e839d1.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-make-a-wish-stars-card-771_zpsca2beae0.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-happy-happy-happy-birthday-card-763_zps8c7d2e7f.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-lots-of-love-card-1187_zps0c965099.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-ever-so-grateful-boxed-1265_zpsa85318a0.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-birthday-balloon-card-1229_zps1fede9f0.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-happy-christmas-card-1066_zps3bea1630.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-baby-love-card-1055_zps7890789f.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-do-not-open-tag-1302_zpsd289c947.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-black-with-love-tag-1328_zps03fb9acb.jpeg

 photo SugarPaper-reversible-wrap-soft-grey-1280_zpsfe45b300.jpeg


Connoisseurs of correspondence and self-proclaimed traditionalists, Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker believe that personal stationery makes a deep, lasting impression. These close friends and graphic designers founded Sugar Paper in 2003 after falling in love with the simplicity and nostalgia of letterpress printing. Their mission was simple: to design exquisite social stationery that would be a distinctive stamp of style for their chic clientele, and shine a spotlight on a beautiful and underappreciated art form.

Today, Sugar Paper is renowned for its design aesthetic, unparalleled taste and perfectionism. Having been featured in publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, VOGUE, InStyle, Lucky, Vanity Fair and Domino, Sugar Paper is a trusted resource for their upscale, stylish and celebrity clientele.

Check it out.

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