Happy Heart Day!

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and I’m sure that you’ve all had your fair share of photos of couples & roses, some might say way too many…So, I shall post some pictures of a love that we all may share instead.


Here are some pictures from my collection that shall be shared with you today. May they make you positively delighted (and very hungry).

 photo NutellaPiePops_zpsd66a16ad.jpeg

 photo RuffleCake1_zps9ba3b394.jpg

 photo BlackStarPastryNovDecissueofInsideOutMagazine6_zps8ef46b76.jpg

 photo CoconutCupcakes_zps5dd70f49.jpg

 photo BlueberryCrumble1_zps56ffa411.jpg

 photo Smoreswithhouse-madegrahamcrackersandmarshmallows_zpsaf7e86f5.jpeg

 photo WhatKatieAte15_zpsd302a0fa.jpg

 photo TasteofMelbourne2_zpsf4bcbc58.jpg

 photo 5bb8f3966b3e803e3f353597b0ee653d_zps3a22b281.jpg

 photo WhatKatieAte14_zps763413be.jpg

 photo with-candles_zps577e146b.jpg

 photo WhatKatieAte26_zpsb31888e2.jpg

 photo Homemadepoptarts_zps4e767a9e.jpeg

 photo DeluxeCookieGiftBox_zpsc8ff8dbb.jpeg

 photo MacaronsbyHannahLemholtPhotographer_zps8a68b1bf.jpeg

 photo DoubleChocolateRaspberryPavlova_zps59843b27.jpg

Via Various Sources. Apologies, no credits today as I have no idea where all these images have come from – they’ve been sitting on my laptop for way too long and have names like ‘adorable pink cake’.

Love to all my readers, and I hope that your weekends are wonderful.

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