Unmotivate Yourself

You’ve probably had enough of all the motivational quotes on pretty backgrounds, and all those pictures of abs saying ‘you are what you eat’. Or whatever they normally say…you know the ones I’m referring to.

Well, I’m here to un-motivate you with the help of Starshaped Press, just in case the natural causes haven’t got to you yet. I mean…it’s the middle of February, that’s almost two months since those resolutions were made.

 photo StarshapedPress-Un-inspirationalSeries1_zpsddb26f35.jpeg

 photo StarshapedPress-Un-inspirationalSeries5_zpsa3d46121.jpeg

 photo StarshapedPress-Un-inspirationalSeries4_zps0af84794.jpeg

 photo StarshapedPress-Un-inspirationalSeries3_zps2dba433e.jpeg

 photo StarshapedPress-Un-inspirationalSeries2_zps11950ad9.jpeg

I kid, please stay motivated. It’s good for you.

via Paper Crave

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