Bright Colours & Baby Hedgehogs

The illustrations I just stumbled across are seriously adorable. And when I say adorable – I mean the type that makes you all warm & fuzzy, even when it’s freezing outside and you’re in desperate need of a hot chocolate. Probably the same reaction as when you first saw a baby hedgehog (just to refresh your memory, have another look at it).

Okay back to the illustrations.

 photo LauraGeorge-Buoy_zps00b21f57.jpeg photo LauraGeorge-Pinata_zps837427ab.jpeg photo LauraGeorge-HoldingSomethingSoft_zpseee3f0b7.jpeg photo LauraGeorge-LoveList_zps5589bf16.jpeg photo LauraGeorge-TheSmallestComfort_zpsde2ed219.jpeg photo LauraGeorge-HowToLoveYourself_zps1d5f7b19.jpeg photo LauraGeorge-GoodThings_zps793e55ab.jpeg photo LauraGeorge-NightFlight_zps59fb7fd9.jpeg photo LauraGeorge-CuteAssortment_zps55212cf0.jpeg

via Laura George (etsy)

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