Sharing Bliss: Decorate

Next on the list are ceramics with a touch of whimsy. As I always say, we all need some whimsy in our lives – put some of these on your tables & walls and you’ll be all set for the day.

Introducing…VICKI HARTMAN.

 photo VickiHartman_01_zps0baa5144.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_29_zpse2eca1d6.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_32_zpse4ce504f.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_30_zps9bbdbea9.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_03_zps74424a11.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_38_zps82b277f9.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_31_zps915e51fe.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_26_zps0e72da46.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_13_zpsad9aef03.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_04_zpsea7bd415.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_10_zps468ad710.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_34_zpsc90e5e69.jpeg

 photo VickiHartman_06_zps7e676d66.jpeg

Her story:

STATEMENT: Ordinary environments are my source of inspiration. Since I was a child, how people create homes has captured me – what we choose to save and what we choose to get rid of, what creates comfort and safety, what is sentimental, and what is a symbol of success. I make handmade objects because they create warmth in a home, and often remind us that imperfection is beautiful and authentic.

BIO: Vicki Hartman lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and two children. She has a BFA in ceramics from SUNY New Paltz and has also spent a semester abroad at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Vicki completed the apprenticeship at the Moravian Pottery and Tileworks and formerly ran a custom tile and mosaic business.

Check it out.

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