Friday Rainbows

This is one rainbow you’d actually want to hear about, especially on a Friday…

I think that we’ve all at one stage wanted to learn the art of bartending – or perhaps I speak for myself. However, one can never look down on a great drink mixologist and the yummy concoctions they come up with.

Spotted a pretty awesome device on Firebox that might help with that big life goal. Why mix drinks when you can layer them instead? By slowing down the different liquids, you can now create rainbows with a combination of alcohol, juices and syrup.

 photo Firebox-RainbowCocktailLayeringTool1_zpsf16d3613.jpg

 photo Firebox-RainbowCocktailLayeringTool2_zpsb72b4cb6.jpg

Someone please buy one and let me know how it is.

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