Be My Valentine

I have a friend who used to model in Shanghai, and there was one thing that people used to always ask her to do that confused her.

“Act sexy, but cute.”

I never really understood it either…until I saw this shoot.

 photo WhitneyBrownandPalomaJonas-ValentineLingerie1_zpsd5fd5a93.jpg

Valentine lingerie is the brainchild of Whitney Brown and Paloma Jonas, two former models, who bonded over creating something that was lacking in the fashion industry. Aimed towards helping ladies with smaller busts, Valentine offers the modern women a mix between comfort and sexy with their delicately-made lingerie retailing for under $60.

 photo WhitneyBrownandPalomaJonas-ValentineLingerie6_zps6dd0da22.jpg

 photo WhitneyBrownandPalomaJonas-ValentineLingerie2_zpsf129d021.jpg

 photo WhitneyBrownandPalomaJonas-ValentineLingerie4_zpse6d57330.jpg

 photo WhitneyBrownandPalomaJonas-ValentineLingerie3_zps643f7390.jpg

Their blog showcases adorable couples, head turning faces and talented individuals across the globe – putting a face to that cutie who turned a corner, or that charming chap who always sits across from you in your local café. The creative duo strive to “put a little romance back into a time that often lacks it”. A nice sentiment for the start of your week.

 photo WhitneyBrownandPalomaJonas-ValentineLingerie5_zpsf541ae01.jpg

via Valentines NYC

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