Everyday Whimsy

If you’d like to add some happy to your Instagram feed, add @cintascotch. He’s been on my feed for quite a while now and certainly has that effect on me, so just wanted to share the love.

Ecuador-based illustrator Javier Pérez came up with an illustrated series called ‘Instagram Experiments’, where he uses everyday household objects and turns them into clever, whimsical illustrations.

Check out some of his stuff…

 photo JavierPeacuterez-InstagramExperiments1_zpsa5ab40f2.jpg

 photo JavierPeacuterez-InstagramExperiments9_zpse79c7ec1.jpg

 photo JavierPeacuterez-InstagramExperiments5_zps3a623b65.jpg

 photo JavierPeacuterez-InstagramExperiments6_zpsd2b4e54b.jpg

 photo JavierPeacuterez-InstagramExperiments2_zpsaa47d2c1.jpg

 photo JavierPeacuterez-InstagramExperiments8_zps954f1ef2.jpg

 photo JavierPeacuterez-InstagramExperiments4_zps703e2036.jpg

 photo JavierPeacuterez-InstagramExperiments3_zps8356ab7c.jpg

 photo JavierPeacuterez-InstagramExperiments7_zps0d3bf0d4.jpg

They’re brilliant! Via his Instagram.

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