Whimsical Treats

Andy Warhol. We all know him for his Campbell soup cans & pop art but I’m discovering some of his other works little by little.  Am particularly taken by my most recent discovery – these sweet illustrations of cakes:

 photo AndyWarholsWhimisicalCakes2_zps723f4f3c.jpg

 photo AndyWarholsWhimisicalCakes3_zps940bf4f4.jpg

 photo AndyWarholsWhimisicalCakes1_zps9d327051.jpg

 photo AndyWarholsWhimisicalCakes5_zps6a7b763f.jpg

 photo AndyWarholsWhimisicalCakes6_zpse9e137ee.jpg

 photo AndyWarholsWhimisicalCakes4_zps42ed2805.jpg

These drawings by Warhol and recipes by his friend Suzie Frankfurt were a whimsical take on the haute cuisine cookbooks of the 1950s. The book never quite took off in the end and were just given out as gifts to their friends. Funny how that happens, I mean…look at people like Mozart, died a pauper but revered for centuries after. Bet the friends were pretty happy though, each framed page is now worth $30,000 a pop. Nice.

As an avid baker, I absolutely adore them. We all need some whimsy in our lives.

via Another Mag

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