One Million Balls

The Kerry Hotel in Shanghai gets a special mention as they’re one of my Clients, and I was rather excited when I saw this popping up on various sites around the place.

 photo ballpit03_zps03f49265.jpg

How does one not get happy looking at this?

 photo ballpit01_zps3ef0ffdd.jpg

As part of their “Pink October” campaign which aims to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention, they filled a 25x13m ball pit with a million pink and green calls. They managed to break the Guinness World Record for creating the Largest Ball Pit, and also managed to bring together 300 recovering cancer patients from the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club for an awesome day out.

 photo ballpit04_zpsfd5f1035.jpg

 photo ballpit_zpsa0c624b0.jpg

 photo ballpit05_zps01afb493.jpg

With all the hand-written wishes the balls were carrying, Kerry Hotel’s GM Peter Clarke described the pool as being filled with “one million wishes”.

 photo wishes_zpsa9fcbf9c.jpg

via Luxury Launches

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