Surreal World

Caras Ionut lives in a world away from our own, where he comes up with brilliant surreal landscapes and portraits using his own photography…and Photoshop. We’ve seen what it can do for celebrities and models, but this just takes it to a different level.

Here are a few of my favourites:

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations1_zps328efc05.jpg

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations7_zpsf901cc24.png

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations8_zpsf2365d13.png

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations9_zps7f381df9.png

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations2_zps32e6fd85.jpg

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations3_zps0e249356.jpg

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations5_zps6839b1ac.jpg

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations4_zpsfc546cc1.jpg

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations6_zpsebb1b141.jpg

 photo CarasIonutPhotoManipulations10_zpsb4a57a79.png

via 500px.

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