Halloween Love

I must admit that I have quite the obsession with Heidi Klum. How can one not, just look at her. She (and Tim Gunn) make Project Runway perfection.

Then I was looking at Halloween inspiration the other day and stumbled across the fact that she is an absolute Halloween fanatic. Being quite the costume party obsessed individual, I looked further into it and her outfits are amazing every single year. Without fail.


 photo HeidiKlum2011_zps1743726d.jpeg

 photo HeidiKlum2012_zps7415d521.jpeg

 photo HeidiKlumGoddessKali20081_zpscb4ddb59.jpeg

 photo HeidiKlum2003Predator_zpsb2444e57.jpg

 photo HeidiKlum2006ForbiddenFruit_zpsb6f912d6.jpg

 photo HeidiKlumandSealGardenofEden2006_zps1dee1f18.png

 photo HeidiKlumandSeal2010_zpsd8196104.jpeg

 photo HeidiKlumandSeal2011_zps128c2428.jpeg

As said on Buzzfeed, “Over the years she has proved that we should just rename it

All hail Heidi Klum.

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