Dream a Little Dream

A different kind of underground art scene…This home near the Czech border in Poland features a drive-through an art gallery. The owner is able to drive up to the house, open the gates and cruise through the subterranean tunnel that runs under the garden directly into the property – admiring his collection of artwork as he goes.

 photo AutofamilyCzech2_zps1dc5dcdf.jpg

Created by Polish architectural firm, Robert Konieczny – KWK Promes, his brief was to design a single family dwelling enabling the owners a covered ride to the front door while admiring their art. The “Autofamily” house was completed in 2012, and the cost of the construction has not been disclosed due to client confidentiality.

 photo AutofamilyCzech1_zps40aadf57.jpg

 photo AutofamilyCzech5_zpscea0e5e5.jpg

 photo AutofamilyCzech4_zps9bd7d42c.jpg

 photo AutofamilyCzech3_zpsf26aa0c5.jpg

 photo AutofamilyCzech6_zps0d44f04c.jpg

What bliss.

via DailyMail UK

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