Different Kind of Beauty

Drag Queens. Those words in itself bring about a whole cloud of illusion and fantasy.

New York based photographer, Leland Bobbé has captured portraits of stunning drag queens in half drag – a brilliant collection that gives us curious ones a bit of an insight, a peek behind-the-scenes.

Presenting: Half-Drag…A Different Kind of Beauty.

 photo Half-DraghellipADifferentKindofBeautyFifiDubois_zps59d3165f.jpeg

 photo Half-DraghellipADifferentKindofBeautySabelScities_zps3871f10b.jpeg

 photo Half-DraghellipADifferentKindofBeautyKittinWithawhip_zpsecfdb4c2.jpeg

 photo Half-DraghellipADifferentKindofBeautyRoxyBrooks_zps0da5d4ab.jpeg

 photo Half-DraghellipADifferentKindofBeautyJordanFox_zps8decae51.jpeg

 photo Half-DraghellipADifferentKindofBeautyViviennePinay_zps399104dd.jpeg

 photo Half-DraghellipADifferentKindofBeautyPusseCouture_zps724f2a7a.jpeg

Note: These images have not been digitally composed or altered, just captured in a single photo.

via ABC News

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