Beards are Back

It’s back again. The 2013 National Beard and Moustache Championships.

Just in case I’ve piqued your interest, there are 18 different categories you can fit into – from the delicate Dali moustache to the anything-goes full beard freestyle (more details here). A sneak peak of the categories:

 photo Screenshot2013-09-26at102138AM_zpseacddeb5.png

And now to what you’re waiting for, the pictures…

 photo 1006361_10151655113863034_1174697827_n_zpsa653bc15.jpeg

 photo 1233402_10151655113858034_1470610888_n_zps5d509d34.jpeg

 photo 1235195_10151655114288034_186076095_n_zps6d449e9a.jpeg

 photo 1234891_10151655114368034_667885512_n_zps097cb2d2.jpeg

 photo 1208764_10151655114068034_1405937820_n_zpsd9fe93e4.jpeg

 photo 1234894_10151655115518034_1111428544_n_zpse06badbc.jpeg

 photo 1175231_10151655115858034_1495811759_n_zps946c2800.jpeg

 photo 1185842_10151655115658034_1506873776_n_zps6c6aef94.jpeg

 photo 8566_10151655115168034_1850616801_n_zps12d41d89.jpeg

 photo 1239823_10151655115973034_1518358889_n_zpsc82284de.jpeg


via Laughing Squid

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