Just the other day, I walked past a little boy running next to his mother holding up a butterfly net and having the time of his life. I then look at the young child with an iPad in one hand and a Coke in another and is crying for more, and it makes me start to wonder when we all began to stop valuing the smaller, simpler things in life. When our eyes were not glued to our smartphones but instead on noticing the moments that should be remembered.

New York based photographer Brian Sokol captured this sentiment beautifully with his captivating black & white series, The Most Important Thing. Supported by the UN Refugee Agency, he features refugees from Syria, Mali, and Sudan with the one item they could not let go of when running away from their homes.

 photo 2_zps82b6efc8.jpeg

 photo 3_zps89c7ac81.jpeg

 photo 1_zpsd5a56eaf.jpeg

 photo 4_zpsd33cbb4c.jpeg

From children and pets, to a holy book, musical instrument, cooking pot, and plastic drinking bottles, it is definitely humbling to see what each of them chose to bring along. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and that is true in this case; Sokol’s photographs within this series express the emotions of each of these people and tell their story.

 photo 5_zpsbe23b03f.jpeg

 photo 6_zpsddc06c9c.jpeg

 photo 7_zps5d26d020.jpeg

 photo 8_zpsed6618ca.jpeg

Through the photographer’s simple yet creative storytelling, we are able to relate to these individuals in some way despite the differences in our circumstances. It encourages us to search amongst all the noise and clutter, and place focus on the things that truly matter. To change your perspective and have the ability to view the little things in life in a brand new light – isn’t that creativity in one of its purest forms?

View more images and the stories behind them here and here.

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