Love Letters

Apparently I’ve become quite the design-nerd since starting work at my agency. Perhaps that is true, as I found this proposal kinda cute.

San Francisco-based designer Will Geddess recently proposed to his girlfriend through the use of typographic posters. Titled ‘love letters’, 19 posters were created by Geddess and his fellow graphic designer, illustrator and tattoo artist friends. Together, they spelled out the marriage proposal which was then installed within an art gallery.

A peek at some of the posters:

 photo 5_zpse3a3f458.jpeg

 photo 2_zps1db6bc87.jpeg

 photo 8_zps353025db.jpeg

 photo 6_zpsce70ef38.jpeg

 photo 7_zps5ab26d74.jpeg

 photo 13_zps244851d1.jpeg

 photo 10_zps0a400700.jpeg

 photo 15_zpsd8b87e6c.jpeg

Design-nerdy or not, it was a success – she said yes. For those who aren’t planning on watching the video, I created a mini filmstrip for you:


Hope that you enjoyed it…that was as far as my creative talents go.

via Design Taxi.

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