Pencil Magic

Perhaps it is because I am quite the Daft Punk fan but I was rather blown away by the works of Ontario-based illustrator and tattoo artist, Andrew Wilson. He creates magic just using ordinary coloured pencils on paper, and his illustration actually managed to catch the attention of the French electronic music duo themselves. Impressive, I’d say.

The man at work:

 photo AndrewWilson1_zpsdb1ca532.jpeg

 photo AndrewWilson2_zps3b8a81c8.jpeg

 photo AndrewWilson3_zps4fe76af7.jpeg

 photo AndrewWilson4_zps43fa8d6a.jpeg

Some of his other illustrations:

 photo AndrewWilson5_zps965d4aff.jpeg

 photo AndrewWilson6_zps8b71b083.jpeg

 photo AndrewWilson7_zps9db2a539.jpeg

Speaking of Daft Punk…I recently heard news that they now have a new collaboration. No, not with some other music extraordinaire. They are working together with Durex to release their own line of condoms – “Get Lucky”. Had a little giggle to myself when I heard, I think its rather clever. If only they had nicer packaging.

 photo Durex-DaftPunk_zpsb921917d.jpeg

We wonder if Daft Punk’s brand of condoms will make one “harder, better, faster, stronger”. – Design Taxi

via WeTheUrban and Design Taxi

3 thoughts on “Pencil Magic

    1. Some people just have serious talent! (I am assuming that you are referring to the illustrations. The condoms have a bit of wow-factor to them as well.)

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